Submitted working papers

  1. "Food aid cargo preference: Impacts on the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency food aid programs," 2021, with Vincent Smith and Stephanie Mercier. Accepted at the Journal of Law and Economics. Links to the PDF and AEI working paper.

  2. "Moving to density: Half a century of housing costs and wage premia from Queens to King Salmon," 2021, with Stan Veuger and Danny Shoag. Reject and resubmit (as a short paper) at the Journal of Public Economics. Links to the PDF and AEI working paper. Coverage: MIT Work of the Future, The Washington Examiner, Institute for Family Studies

Working papers in progress

  1. "Industry influence and agency decision making: Evidence from USAID," 2021, with Vincent Smith. Link to the PDF and AEI working paper.

  2. "The price of growth: Urbanization in Texas after the Civil War," 2020. Link to the PDF

Conference papers

  1. "Working from density," 2021, with Leah Brooks and Stan Veuger. Presented at the Urban Economics Association North America Meeting, October 16. Link to conference website

  2. "What drives migration within Europe? Estimates from a gravity model and from micro data," 2021, with Stan Veuger. Presented at the GESIS 7th European User Conference for EU Microdata, March 26. Link to the conference abstract